Following Karl Kapp's earlier book The Gamification of Learning and Instruction, this Fieldbook provides a step-by-step approach to implementing the concepts from the Gamification book with examples, tips, tricks, and worksheets to help a learning professional or faculty member put the ideas into practice. The Online Workbook, designed largely for students using the original book as a textbook, includes quizzes, worksheets and fill-in-the-blank areas that will help a student to better understand the ideas, concepts and elements of incorporating gamification into learning.

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Writing Chapter 8 – "Managing the Process" for "The Gamification of Learning and Instruction Fieldbook" was an welcomed opportunity to share how we approach the production of a long-form educational game, set in the context of a fieldbook that provides a wealth of various approaches.  Each serious game project is a unique venture, and the production process varies from company to company, but Serious Game production requirements always share a central core.  The game has to be fun & engaging, and it must meet the primary goal to deliver the intended learning outcome.  Additionally, the game has to meet the player’s expectations, but it must also be completed on-time and on-budget.

Using our Course Games production model and examples from our recent projects – including sample production planning documents and tools, the chapter sets out to answer the two top questions that we most often hear when we initially meet someone getting preparing to embark on their first Serious Game production:

“What are the processes required to produce an educational game?”
“Do you have any tips for a first-time producer?”

Due to the extensive scope of Serious Game development, it isn't possible to detail every aspect of our development process in a single chapter.  Instead, the chapter uses selected highlights from our recent projects as examples that may best answer the two questions posed above.

Many of the planning processes or documentation formats mentioned in the chapter are found here in the Production menu of our website.  While the terminology may vary somewhat, the reader will find that much of this material is common in Serious Game production.  The hope is that the reader will find some or all of this to be useful, whether they are a first-time producer, or veteran that is translating your skills experience in entertainment game production to the unique demands of serious game production.

CLICK HERE to open an excerpt of the chapter (pdf) in a new window

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