Course Games™ was launched by Sequoia Studios in March, 2004 to focus our abundant energies on the production of Serious Games.

Sequoia Studios 15 Year AnniversarySequoia Studios was co-founded in April 1999 by Debbie and Jim Kiggens, and our initial location was in the Business Park at Richmond Road in Ridgecrest, California in June, 1999.

During the company's first five years, we produced Digital Animation, Serious Games, Web Enterprises, Commercial Video, and Graphic Design.

In October, 2001, Sequoia Studios purchased the South Fork Nursery and Ryckman ranch located on the South Fork of the Wild and Scenic Kern River

 Kern River Valley, Sierra Nevada Mountains, California

Over a two year period we converted the nursery buildings into the studios where we work and live today.

Sequoia Studios, Weldon, California

 From 1999-2009 we developed with Virtools as our middleware and we executed a wide range of games during that decade - from short cycle, single level learning games to a full blown MMO from scratch for corporate training and then the Survival Master STEM Epic with 11 single player levels and two multiplayer levels.  As Virtools developers, we enjoyed spectacular support from the Virtools/3DVia team:  Virgile Delporte, Martin St-Germain, Edouard Lorin, Gerald Nacache, Eric Vandermeeren, Lynne Wilson, Xavier Fouger, Cliff Medling, Christine Moses, and Hervé Foucher ... just to name a few.

Since 2010, we’ve been powered by Unity.  Amazing, awesome, unlimited … supercool.  We have enjoyed stellar support from the company, the mega community of developers is a treasure trove, and the development road map and 3D party tools is just superb.

Jim Kiggens will probably be the last Softimage animator left on planet earth.  Jim has been using Softimage since 1996 and he still uses Softimage every day on our current products.  Alas, Autodesk will no longer be continuing Softimage, so we’ll be changing our toolset soon in that regard.

Jim Kiggens was also an early poster child for Macromedia Breeze, and we still rely upon Adobe Connect for our virtual team live meetings.

 Jim and Debbie Kiggens

    To see what we've been working on recently, we invite you to explore the portfolio.

     To the many clients, collaborators, and friends of Sequoia Studios and Course Games - Thank You!
     The first fifteen years has flown by, and we look forward to many new adventures in the years to come.

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