Articulated Technological Education Pathways (ATEP)  a NSF research project conducted by Hofstra University, for NSF ATE Centers, and the City University of New York that is developing three, semester-long courses for high school students that provide a bridge from high school technical programs to community college programs in technician education. The three courses address standards-driven technology concepts and skills and STEM career choices in biochemical technology, information and communications technology, and materials and manufacturing technology.

The ATEP materials are mainly digital – emphasizing web-based learning in a Moodle Learning Management System – coupled with hands-on activities. Thus, ATEP materials are delivered as hybrid courses. Each course consists of two eight-week modules that can serve as replacement or supplementary curricula for high school engineering and technology education or career and technical education programs. Each course has been developed by a team consisting of content experts, faculty from high schools, community colleges, universities, and industrialists.

The ATEP Technology Park engages students with activities that ‘bring to life’ (in a 3D simulated workplace environment) the learning content from the Moodle. The Technology Park concept provides an innovative and unique way to offer students experiences in a virtual industrial setting that they normally would not receive as part of high school instruction. The Technology Park is driven by pedagogy that reinforces learning gained from Moodle-based content and teacher-provided classroom instruction by enabling students to apply that learning in a simulated industrial environment.

The Research will determine how effectively the ATEP hybrid program engages students, supports their learning of important STEM concepts and workplace skills and serves to interest them pursue further STEM education leading to STEM careers.

The ATEP project partner Its About Time will commercially publish hybrid products with texts and web-based instruction.

Use the "BIO", "ICT" and "MMT" buttons in the menu to the left to explore the Course Games development on each of those simulations.

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