Centro de Diseño Instruccional

Course Games has been assisting Karl Kapp  with training games for the Centro de Diseño Instruccional (CDI), Grupo Salinas.

Grupo Salinas, created by Presidente Ricardo Salinas Pliego, has over 60,000 employees in its member companies, including Banco Azteca; Grupo Elektra; Afore Azteca; Seguros Azteca; Italika, Iusacell, and TV Azteca. TV Azteca is one of the world's two largest Spanish-language television program producers, Iusacell was the first nationwide provider of 3G mobile services in Mexico, and Italika is the leading motorcycle manufacturer in Mexico.

Grupo Salinas

Karl Kapp with Ricard Salinas Pliego

Karl Kapp with Ricardo Salinas Pliego

The Centro de Diseño Instruccional staff are developing a broad range of game-based training innovations for use across Grupo Salinas, as one of their many special innovation project initiatives.

Among these, Course Games assisted Karl with three games that were developed with Unity and share a common PHP/MySQL enterprise:

For Iusacell - a game for sales training in their retail stores.

For Italika - a game for warehouse receiving training in their motorcycle production factory.

For TV Azteca - a game for broadcast control training in their studio.

Use the "ITALIKA" and "AZTECA" buttons in the menu to the left to explore the Course Games development on each of those games.

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