TV Azteca is one of the world's two largest Spanish-language television program producers.  The company is using game-based learning to augment production training.

Statement of the Problem

The company must rely upon producers that understand their production process and can effectively make quick decisions under pressure.  Developing this skill and experience on-the-job is cost prohibitive.

Challenge Statement

The player assumes the role of producer in the production studio for a live news program. During the show a series of unpredictable 'incidents' occur, causing problems that need to be resolved. The player is presented with options to deal with each incident and has to make the best decision quickly.

Selecting the best possible answer each time will grant the player the maximum amount of points possible.  There is a timer so that the player has a fixed amount of time to choose an answer to each incident.

Failing to make a decision before the timer runs out will grant zero points and is the worst possible outcome to any incident.



Watch Azteca Game Overview  
Watch an overview video for the Azteca Game
[Opens in a new window - 5:30 minutes]


Instructional Design

Learning Goals

  • By taking the role of a TV producer during a live program the player will learn about the TV producer work, the production process and how to make quick decisions under pressure.

Learning Objectives

The employee will:

  • Identify the best remedy for a live broadcast problem.
  • Make accurate production management decisions quickly.

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