Italika‚Äôs Ensamblika factory is Mexico's leading manufacturer of motorcycles, producing over 200,000 motorcycles per year.  The production line depends upon the availability of material and components in its warehouse to run smoothly around the clock.

The warehouse space must be used effectively, there is no extra room for a surplus of stock and the production line comes to a halt if required stock is not available.

Statement of the Problem

It is critical that the employees in the warehouse receiving department must accurately unload the incoming trucks by stacking the materials on pallets, scan the label of each box or item, and place the pallet in the designated spot on the shelf with the forklift.

Challenge Statement

The learner must unload the trailer by correctly stacking the boxes onto three pallets.  The learner must also scan each box as they are stacked.  Finally, the learner uses the forklift to place each of the three pallets in the correct shelf location.


Italika Game SequencesItalika Game Sequences

screen tutitalikath Play Italika Receiving Game
Watch a tutorial video for the Italika Game
[Opens in a new window - 22:09 minutes]
Play the Demo: Italika Receiving Game
[Opens in a new window - uses Unity Web Player]


Instructional Design

Learning Goals

  • Reduce Warehouse Receiving inventory errors.
  • Have a positive influence on warehouse receiving employee attitude regarding responsibility and dependability.

Learning Objectives

The employee will:

  • Identify the correct process of receiving the goods.
  • Perform the scanning of the merchandise that is in the pallets.  
  • Exercise the accommodation of the pallets in the warehouse racks.
  • Operate the dispatch of goods to the production line in accordance with the guidelines.

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